In 1958, Mrs. Marie Beasly donated to the Diocese of Gary twenty acres and a house on her property near Lake Eliza (west of the present parish) with the hope that a Catholic parish would be formed in the near future. However, it wasn’t until 1970 that Father Michael Ruggaber began to investigate the possibility.

The Lake Eliza area was growing and was a popular recreation area at that time with Mass being offered on Sunday for the many campers and residents during the summer time. During this time a committee was formed and their hopes of a parish were presented to Bishop Andrew Grutka. With his approval a census was taken in 1977 and from this work the plans were formed for a Porter-Lakes parish.

In February 1978, Father John Savio was assigned the task of completing the information of the unnamed new parish. Shortly thereafter the boundary lines were established. The Fitzgerald family provided a dance hall at Lake Eliza as the fathering place for the new parish. On April 2, 1978, Father Savio celebrated the first Mass for over one hundred families. In June 1978, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was chosen as the patroness of the new parish.

By Easter 1979, the parish numbered over 400 families. Plans were then drawn for the location of property (purchased from the Turner family) and a building that would include the church, offices and a small hall. Bishop Grutka approved the plans and after a few years of hard work and growing anticipation, the new church was dedicated on July 18, 1982.

In early 1983, Father Don Grass was assigned to lead the parish for a short time.

In late 1983, Father Gerald Sroka was assigned to lead the parish which now numbered over 800 families and was experiencing growing pains and plans began to be made for enlarging the facilities. This work was accomplished by 1987 with the addition of the hall, more office space, and a rectory. The Beasley property was sold to help pay for the addition.

In 1996, with the parish numbering over 1,700 families, a new parish, Holy Spirit, was formed in Winfield Township under the guidance of Father Joseph Murphy.

In 1997, Father David Gosnell was assigned as Pastor to continue nurturing our parish family on the journey of faith. Father Douglas Mayer became our pastor in July of 2009 when Father Gosnell retired. In 2018 Father Doug was reassigned and Father Mick Kopil was assigned as Administrator. In 2020 Father Mick was installed as Pastor by † Bishop Robert J. McClory.

May our future be filled with the blessing of the Lord!!!