The acolyte serves at the Eucharistic celebration, taking care of the
various needs before, during and after the celebration, assisting at
the ritual prayers and at the Table of the Lord.

Children who love to help mom or dad at home will understand and
enjoy the Altar Server Ministry. Girls and boys are specially
prepared to serve in this ministry.

The Alter Server Ministry’s goal is to allow the younger members of the parish to have an active
participation in assisting the parish priest during the mass.

The primary role of the altar server is to assist the priest in the celebration of the liturgy during
mass. This is done through specific actions and by setting an example to the congregation by
active participation in the liturgy (hymns, responses, etc.), by looking alert and sitting or standing
at the appropriate times.

Servers hold the book for the priest celebrant when he is not at the altar, carry the incense and
censer, present the bread, wine, and water to the priest during the preparation of the gifts or assist
him when he receives the gifts, and wash the hands of the priest.
Altar servers should have received first Reconciliation and Holy Communion.