“Come and See”

Helping followers of Jesus renew a faithful relationship with Him!

Two disciples of John the Baptist asked Jesus where he was staying, the Lord said, “Come and see”. (John 1:39)

Most of us are in a constant search for Jesus in our lives, especially in today’s culture.  Studies show a large percentage of those Catholics who attend Mass weekly still feel a lack of understanding of their faith, or feel a missing link within their spiritual life.  It can be proven true happiness can only be fulfilled through faith and a relationship with Jesus.  We are called to understand our Faith, share our faith, and to live our lives in a way to draw others to want to know Jesus Christ.

  • If you are looking to learn more about your faith, wanting to embrace your relationship with Jesus and share how wonderful living your life as a Catholic Christian really is – a Small Faith Sharing Group may be what you are looking for.  Small groups help participants live and apply their faith to the everyday situations they experience in life.  Groups will be forming this fall and we will have men’s, women’s, couple’s and youth group options.  To learn more about small groups, how to join, or how to host a small group, please contact Ivan Pierce at comeandsee@seseton.com or 219-742-9017.
  • Returning Catholics – If you are wanting to come back to the Church, or if you know someone wanting to come back to the Church, I encourage you to reach out today.  No matter how long you have been away and no matter what reason, we invite you to consider renewing your relationship withe the Catholic Church and experiencing our community to St. Elizabeth Seton.

To learn more about our invitation to deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ and be a part of our faith community within the Catholic Church, email us an comeandsee@seseton.com or call one of the team members below with questions or to get more details.

        Carol Holmes – 219-464-1624 x231            Kim Eaton 219-510-3743