Jesus has taught us that the greatest gifts we can give is service to others—“do unto others, as you would have them do unto you”

The Ministry of Encouragement is a service-oriented group of volunteers who are interested in helping others who have or are currently in need of a helping hand and prayers due to situations such as serious illness, chronic disease, family crisis, or personal problems.

What Ministry of Encouragement can do: Besides offering prayers, members can reach out to others who may need something as simple as a phone call from a fellow parishioner, or an offer to pick up groceries or a ride to church, or simply invite them over for a social visit.

Ministry of Encouragement aspires to: Be those earth angels who can empathize with others and bring a little joy and goodwill back into the lives of those in need. A little love for our neighbors goes a long way.

Contact Darcia & Paul Schwarten at (219) 242-8648.