Preparation to celebrate the Eucharist is done by members of the community. The Sacristan is responsible for many areas, making sure that the necessary elements are present at the liturgy. These elements include cups and dishes, hosts and wine, and so on. They also make sure that Ministers are in place so that the Liturgy can move smoothly.

The ministry of the Sacristan is to prepare the church for the celebration of the Mass.

The Sacristan arrives about twenty minutes before Mass. Then, he/she sets up the hosts and wine for communion. The lectionary is checked to see if it is on the correct reading. He/she check the candles and lights.

Next, the Sacristan checks the Eucharistic Minister list for that Mass, picks up the tickets to give to the ministers and stands in the vestibule to distribute the tickets to the Eucharistic Ministers. They also pick out table setters, gift bearers and make sure there are readers and servers.

After Mass, the Sacristan goes into the Chapel and along with the Eucharistic Ministers, consume the Blood of Christ that is left, take the cups and dishes behind the altar and wash them.

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