The Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist shares in the calling to minister Christ’s Body and Blood to the body of Christ, the Church. Preparation and formation is part of the training experience.

Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers arrive at least 15 minutes before Mass starts. He or she goes to the Sacristan (a person in the entry of the church who gives the ministry assignments) to advise that they are assigned to minister at the Mass or available if extra help is needed.

The Sacristan gives each minister a slip of paper with their assignment and then they proceed into church. This would be a good time for all Eucharistic Ministers to pray for all those people to whom they will give Communion.

At the “Lamb of God”, the Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers come forward and stand in their assigned places. They receive Communion and then distribute Communion to the faithful. When all have received Communion, they take the cups and dishes to the Eucharistic Chapel and assist in consuming the Precious Blood and repose the Body of Christ.

After Mass, the Eucharistic Ministers gather in the chapel to take the dishes behind the altar for washing. It is a good idea to ask if help is needed for washing up.

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