Christ Renews His Parish is a copyrighted parish renewal process that has existed since 1969 and is recommended by the renewal office of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  It has been used as the primary instrument of personal and parish renewal in over 1,000 parishes in 32 states and 84 Catholic dioceses.  there are 63 parishes in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis who have experienced the Christ Renews His Parish weekend.

Would you invest a day and a half to become a better, happier you?  Over the last 28 years, thousands of women and men have done exactly that by participating in a Christ Renews His Parish renewal weekend at their parish.

Most parishioners experience a renewed realization of God’s grace working in their lives.  This improves their overall outlook.  We encourage you to get in contact with someone that has been through a renewal weekend.

Christ Renews His Parish invites men and women who are seeking a difference in their lives, for a weekend of renewal.  We will enjoy each other’s fellowship, explore the Gospel and how it impacts our lives, and pray for grace.  With renewed grace, we hope to impact our families and communities in a meaningful way.  This is how Christ renews his parish.

What is a Christ Renews His Parish Retreat?

It is a time to relax, pray, and rethink priorities.

It is a time to get to know others in the parish and grow as a community.

It is an opportunity to examine, rediscover, and/or intensify your personal relationship with Christ.

It is a weekend of reflection and sharing of spiritual and real life issues.

What a Christ Renews His Parish Retreat is not:

It is not a silent retreat, yet there are periods of quiet reflection and prayer.

It is not a parish organization or clique.

It is not a solitary retreat; your participation makes the retreat a spiritual on for you and the other participants.

You will not be required to speak in from of the group; however, your participation in the group discussion is a key to the retreat.

What happens during the retreat:  The retreat format involves short talks given by the Christ Renews His Parish team.  Some examples of the talks that will e given are Father Loving Care, Scripture, Spirituality, and Christian Awareness.  You will be in small groups to reflect upon those talks and how they may be relevant to you life and your spiritual growth.

Contact for Men is Denny Erickson at (630) 632-2275