Members of the community are invited to set the Altar/Table by placing on it the corporal cloth, the chalice, and the Sacramentary. It is a simple process but through it the action proceeds from the Liturgy of the Word to the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

As a parish, when we come together we set our table/altar with a cloth and nice dishes in preparation for celebrating the Eucharist.

People who set the table are trained so they know just what to do. Table setters need to be at church approximately 15 minutes prior to Mass. They go to the Sacristan for that Mass and let that person know that they available to set the table for that Mass. After the collection, two table setters take the table cloth from the table behind the last pew, walk forward, stop and bow at the bottom of the steps, go up the steps and behind the altar and lay the cloth out on the altar. Then, the table setters bring the trays of wine and hosts, set them on the altar, and return the trays to the side (credence) table. They then place the large book (Sacramentary) in the center of the altar. Once the above is complete, they go down the steps and wait for the gifts to be brought forward. Once the gifts are presented, all return to their seats.

After Communion, the table setters return to the altar, fold up the cloth and return it to the table behind the last pew