Hospitality is one of the finest gifts a parish community can offer to one another, to strangers.  Hospitality is a t the heart of this ministry.  It sets the tone for the celebration; it sets the tone of one’s participation in the celebration.

The Ministry of Ushers and Greeters is also know by the name of Greeter.  At times we speak of those who exercise this ministry at mass as “ushers” but their mission of service is much greater than the function of an usher.  Those who exercise the ministry of Hospitality worthily and wisely, participate in the mission of the Good Shepherd.

Within the parish in various parish settings; but especially at times of worship, Ministers of Ushers and Greeters welcome parishioners and guests who gather for prayer and fellowship.  They help direct people to worship, meeting, staff and the various other facilities within the parish.

At mass they invite individuals and families to bring up the gifts for worship as well as other devotional items.  They help the elderly and those needing assistance who attend parish functions.  They direct Eucharistic ministers to those unable to come forth for the reception of the Eucharist (or any other sacrament).  At mass they assist the guests in finding seating as needed, assist with the collection, let parishioners know that they are available if there is any need and distribute the parish bulletin to the assembly.  In times of emergency they are the first to assist others in need and call for professional help.

Women, men and youth who are welcoming and caring of others and their needs would find this a rewarding ministry.  Some individuals, couples or families prefer to serve solely as a greeter, welcoming the community to celebration.  Greeters/Ushers need to arrive early and be prepared.

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